Plastic Warriors · Shadowrun

Set in the not-too-distant future that has changed in unexpected ways, where player characters perform all kinds of shady jobs for the highest bidder.

Shadowrun is published by Catalyst Game Labs—visit their site for more information on the game.


The Edition line for each supplement indicates the edition(s) of Shadowrun that it was written for. Using the supplement with another edition is usually possible, but may require some work, especially if you try to use a second- or third-edition supplement with Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. Second-edition supplements are fairly easily usable in a third-edition game, though you may need to update some rules and especially references to other books.

Blackhand’s Street Weapons 2057

Converts just about all weapons and related equipment from the Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook Blackhand’s Street Weapons 2020. As with the Chromebook Conversions, buying the original book helps make sense of it all.

Edition: Second

Author: Gurth

Formats available: *Portable Document Format, *Rich Text Format, *PalmDoc

RTF |  841 kilobytes RTF |  316 kilobytes PalmDoc |  683 kilobytes

Character Sheet

A detailed character record sheet for Shadowrun, with a main sheet (front & back) for all characters, and separate sheets for magicians, deckers, riggers, vehicles, firearms, melee & projectile weapons, and other equipment—ten pages in all!

Edition: Third

Designer: Gurth

Formats available: *Portable Document Format

PDF |  3.6 megabytes

Character Sheet (Light)

A fairly simple character sheet for Shadowrun, with only a front and back page and room to list all the essentials: attributes, skills, cyber- and bioware, spells, body armor, and a vehicle on the front page, plus weapons, contacts, equipment, and notes on the back.

Edition: Second & Third

Designer: Gurth

Formats available: *Portable Document Format

PDF |  1.1 megabytes

Chromebook Conversions

A Shadowrun net.sourcebook, with 99.9% of all gear, weapons, chips, programs, vehicles, cyberware, and nearly everything else from the first three Chromebooks (for Cyberpunk 2020) converted to Shadowrun, plus a few new Archetypes thrown in as a bonus.

Edition: Second

Author: Gurth

Formats available: *Portable Document Format, *Rich Text Format

PDF |  1.5 megabytes RTF |  470 kilobytes

Chromebook 1 to 4 Conversions

This book has Shadowrun game stats for 99.9% of all gear, weapons, chips, programs, vehicles, cyberware, and nearly everything else from all four Chromebooks (for Cyberpunk 2020), plus a few new sample characters thrown in as a bonus. You'll need to buy the Chromebooks to really use the conversions.

Edition: Second & Third

Even if you own the earlier Chromebook Conversions, this book is worth the download, as it has game statistics for use with Virtual Realities 2.0, Cybertechnology, Rigger 2, and Shadowrun, Third Edition as well as stats for use with earlier rulebooks! Also included are updates for the Plastic Warriors books Running Gear, Tech Specs, Project: 3, and Paranoid Animals of North America!

Author: Gurth

Formats available: *PalmDoc, *Portable Document Format, *Rich Text Format

PDF |  1.9 megabytes RTF |  1.2 megabytes PalmDoc |  226 kilobytes

Life History

The Life History generator consists a series of tables that can be used to quickly generate a background for newly-created characters. It is mainly intended as a character generation tool for players new to the Shadowrun world and game system.

Although designed for use with the Shadowrun Second Edition rules, with some minor adjustments it can be used with the third edition rules as well.

The file is available in different languages for the convenience of players who have difficulty reading English, and also as a list for Omnihedron, fully automating the dice rolling!

Edition: Second

Author & Dutch translator: Gurth
French translator: da clown
Omnihedron list: Wordman

Formats available: *OmniHedron, *Portable Document Format, *Microsoft Word 97


PDF |  87 kilobytes Word 97 |  14 kilobytes


PDF |  20 kilobytes OmniHedron |  6 kilobytes


Word 97 |  14 kilobytes

Paranoid Animals of North America

Fiction, more new equipment, a whole load of bioware, new Matrix rules (although these were written before Virtual Realities 2.0 came out), new adept types, more spells, new rules, a bunch of contacts and archetypes, and loads more!

Edition: Second

Contributors: Christopher A. Chambers, Doctor Doom, Stephen F. Eley, Jani Fikouras, FireFly, Donald Gaither, JackFrost, Tom James, Laughing Boy, Timothy Little, Steve Menard, Morninman, Mr. Brett, Sascha Pabst, Joey Payne, Phil (Renegade), Marc A. Renouf, André Selmer, Tim Skirvin, Martin Steffens, Robert Watkins, Aaron Wigleys

Formats available: *PalmDoc, *Portable Document Format, *Rich Text Format, *Microsoft Word 97

PDF |  1.9 megabytes RTF |  2.6 megabytes Word 97 |  1.8 megabytes PalmDoc |  161 kilobytes

The Player’s Guide to Shadowrun House Rules

House rules from Shadowrun groups the world over, compiled into one book for easy reference and inspiration for your own. Contains sections for general rules, bioware, characters, cyberware, karma, magic, matrix, melee combat, ranged combat, and vehicles.

Edition: Second

Contributors: Blackjack, David Buehrer, Stephen F. Eley, Mike Elkins, Fade, Martin Gotthard, Jonathan Hurley, Leszek Karlik, Steve Kenson, Lady Jestyr, Loki, David R. Lowe, Lucifer, Ray Macey, Chris Maxfield, Andrew Mellinger, Susan Mellinger, Damion Milliken, Nurse Wratchett, Ferri G. Pagano, Justin Pinnow, Marc A. Renouf, André Selmer, The Twilight Brigade, WoLfMÅÑ, Wordman

Formats available: *Portable Document Format, *Rich Text Format

PDF |  998 kilobytes RTF |  442 kilobytes

Project: 3

Shadowgear 2050/2051 catalog, vehicles, pictures of weapons and cyberware, new spells, a new totem, notes on using explosives, sporting equipment, Japanese critters, new and savage melee weapons, more new equipment, weapons, and accessories, the 2036 Uncle Albert's Catalog (for Car Wars) converted to Shadowrun, rules on armor, autofire, demolitions, character generation, extinguishing fires, falling damage, helmets, recoil, and overflow damage, errata sheets for Shadowrun books, new Contacts, and a character sheet expansion.

Edition: Second

Contributors: AGE, Brian Angliss, the FASA folks, Jani Fikouras, James L. Finney, A.R. Gay, Gurth, Malcalypse the Younger, Nightfox, Bob “TopCat” Ooton, Miss Panic, Sandman, Scott (Reaver), Marc A. Renouf, Carl Rigney, Aaron Wigleys

Formats available: *PalmDoc, *Portable Document Format, *Rich Text Format

PDF |  2.3 megabytes RTF |  1.4 megabytes PalmDoc |  102 kilobytes

Running Gear

This net.sourcebook has new weapons and gear, S.W.O. Guns firearms, Cyberpunk 2020 weapons equipment converted to Shadowrun, explosives, Wordman's drugs, and Radtech skate gear.

Edition: Second

Contributors: Brijesh Gill, the CP2020 designers, Gurth, the members of SWO, Seth Narins, Storm Widow, Wordman

Formats available: *Portable Document Format, *PalmDoc, *Microsoft Word 6.0

PDF |  3.1 megabytes Word 6.0 |  638 kilobytes PalmDoc |  101 kilobytes

Running Gear2.0

The original Running Gear was the first-ever Plastic Warriors net.sourcebook; this version is completely updated, revised and corrected to conform to the third-edition Shadowrun rules and the sourcebooks available in early 2002. It also includes much material from the old Tech Specs as well as brand-new stuff—even if you have the old one, you might want to grab another copy …

Edition: Third

Contributors: Brijesh Gill, Gurth, the members of SWO, Damion Milliken, Seth Narins, Phil Smith, Storm Widow, Wavy Davy, Wordman

Formats available: *Portable Document Format

PDF |  3.0 megabytes

Skill Web (Third Edition)

One of the strongest features of the skill system in the first and second editions of Shadowrun was the Skill Web, which was removed from the third edition release of the main rules. This file updates the Skill Web to include the new, third edition skills, as well as giving all necessary rules to use the Skill Web, for those who have no access to a Shadowrun Second Edition rulebook.

Edition: Third

Designer: Gurth

Formats available: *Portable Document Format

PDF |  97 kilobytes

Shadows of Latin America

This was originally to be an official FanPro-published sourcebook, back in 2005, but it was never actually released. Some years later, its contributors put the text and some images for it, up on the Internet for all who wanted it. A decade after that, this is a PDF version laid out to match, as closely as possible, official FASA- and FanPro-published sourcebooks for third edition — so that it doesn’t look out of place in your collection!

(Note: Tobias Grunow also released a PDF version of this not long after the text was made public. Though he did a good job, that version looks out of place with official sourcebooks of the third-edition era — hence this one.)

This version is intended for viewing on a screen. See below for a version intended for printing out as a real book.

Edition: Third

Contributors: José “Pepe” Barbe, Lars Blumenstein, Pavel Christiny, Robert Derie, Jochen Hinderks, Martin Janssen, Jong-Won Kim, Jasone Levine, Hugo Medina, Antonio Pucci and Peter Taylor

Formats available: *Portable Document Format

PDF |  16.5 megabytes

Shadows of Latin America (print version)

This is a version of the above, intended for sending to a printing company so they can make you an actual book. Find an online printing company, supply them with the PDFs you can download below, enter the relevant details, and you should get a printed copy of the book that will look exactly in keeping with the other third-edition sourcebooks on your bookshelf.

Formats available: *Portable Document Format

PDF |  158 megabytes

Tech Specs

Tech Specs has Cyberpunk 2020 cyberware converted to Shadowrun, new weapons and equipment, new spells, legality ratings for items not mentioned in Shadowtech, reverse-engineering of nearly all existing Shadowrun spells, rules on cyberware & shock weapons, starting fires, indirect fire, a new melee combat system, naked matrix running, remote sensors, and new Archetypes.

Edition: Second

Contributors: The Cyberpunk 2020 designers, Gurth, the Shadowrun designers

Formats available: *PalmDoc, *Portable Document Format, *Microsoft Word 6.0

PDF |  979 kilobytes Word 6.0 |  849 kilobytes PalmDoc |  95 kilobytes


Cyberdeck Cost Calculator

A program that will calculate the purcashing price of an off-the-shelf cyberdeck for you, using the rules on page 89 of Virtual Realities 2.0.

Two versions of this program are available; one is for Windows 3.1, while the other is for Windows 95 and later.

Author: Gurth

Operating System: *Microsoft Windows 95 or later (if the program does not work, download and install the Visual Basic 4 runtimes)

Windows 95 |  9 kilobytes

Matrix 2.0 Host Generator

Thisprogram creates random host ratings for use with the Matrix 2.0 rules from Virtual Realities 2.0 and Shadowrun, Third Edition. Read more …

Author: Gurth

Operating System: Any. As long as you have a web browser capable of executing JavaScript, you can use the Matrix 2.0 Host Generator.

Non-Plastic Warriors Stuff

To preserve them for posterity, there is a separate page with various net.sourcebooks that weren't published by Plastic Warriors.